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With special thanks to Ajman stud, and the world famous Stallion Vervaldee,

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Home of the most beautiful black arabian horses in Denmark











Home of the most beautiful black arabian horses in Denmark.  With a deep love of the Arabian breed, we endeavor not only to advance both the beauty and the quality of the black Arabian horse, but also the rights and freedom of our horses.















Black is the new black in Arabian breeding, and there is no better way to bring that classic coloring to your program than with Aj Rafiq. Standing in his first year at stud, Aj Rafiq is out of Luminar Rosita and by the legendary and rare stallion, Vervaldee. There are only a handful of his get remaining at stud, and Aj Rafiq is the only one in Denmark. With a pedigree is as royal as his breeder at Ajman stud, Sheikh Ammar, the crown prince of Ajman in the Arab Emirates who created the true essence of the Arabian breed in Aj Rafiq.







At Black Arabians Denmark, we have four wonderful brood mares, very good mothers looking after their foals. Together they form a strong herd, and keep the family together.


Here you will find our most beautiful foals that we have had throughout the years. In 2016 we have had the joy of experiencing the first crop of foals by our stallion Aj Rafiq, given to us by Ajman stud of the Arab Emirates. We have had 3 colts and 1 filly and you can see more below:

Isme Azam

Isme Azam

The best young Arabian to hit the ground in 2016 is here, and his name is Ism-e Azam Ibn Aj Rafiq. Even at a young age, quality radiates from him, and it is hard to take your eyes away. His conformation is virtually flawless, building up through correct, straight legs to a solid body with excellent shoulder and hip. His neck arches from his body like a sculpted pedestal on which his classic, beautiful head is displayed. Beauty aside, Ism-e Azam Ibn Aj Rafiq has an exceptional pedigree, and is a grandson of the legend, Vervaldee. In addition to all of that, he also has an incredible temperament, greatly enjoying being with people and interacting with his surroundings. This colt is a breeder’s dream, a triple treat of build, pedigree, and personality that any breeder would want in their program. Make Ism-e Azam Ibn Aj Rafiq a part of your dream today.

Ayaat ibn Aj Rafiq

Ayaat ibn Aj Rafiq

2016 must be the year of the horse to produce a colt like Ayaat ibn Aj Rafiq, grandson of the legendary Vervaldee from Ajman Stud. This star-studded pedigree produced a star of a colt, gorgeous black and decorated with his own white star on his forehead. His movement is everything you would expect from a colt of this quality, with a flashy tail carriage and elegant conformation to boot. Looking into his intelligent eyes, he seems almost wise beyond his age, with plenty of charisma and a fantastic, steady attitude. Even though 2016 isn’t really the year of the horse, it absolutely can be the year of your horse, and Ayaat ibn Aj Rafiq is the one you need.

Abhadulla Aleisha

Abhadulla Aleisha

Looking to dress your breeding string in the most beautiful color imaginable: black? Look no further than Abhadulla Aleisha, 2015 great granddaughter of the Champion-producing Magnum Psyche and a two-time cross to the black stallion Shah Noir. She is an elegant, feminine filly with showy movement and beautiful, proud build. She floats over the ground, head high, a stunning image of what the Arabian breed should be. And if that weren’t enough, she is homozygous black and will never produce a red foal. Start her in your show string, where she is sure to catch eyes – and championships! – then move her to your broodmare band to begin dressing your foals in black.




We are a small organic farm with 12 beautiful arabian horses. All our horses live a natural life, as close to their natural habitat as possible.

The stallion live with his mares and the foals, and together they form a close knit herd, with a strong bonding.









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